Our Healthcare Quality

Improving healthcare transparency in Greater Columbus

Who is coordinating this work?

The Healthcare Collaborative of Greater Columbus (HCGC) is a non-profit organization that is working to improve healthcare transparency in Greater Columbus.  Please click here to learn more about our organization.

About the data:

Physicians are voluntarily sharing summary data from electronic medical records.

  • Data shared at a provider group or practice site level.
  • Performance is based on nationally-endorsed standards of care that are widely accepted by the provider community.
  • Regional goal based on Healthy People 2020 targets

This website was designed to:

  • Serve as a trusted place for healthcare providers to share their quality information with others - a key element for improving healthcare quality in Greater Columbus.
  • Provide easy access to quality information on healthcare providers in Greater Columbus.
  • Celebrate the advancement of healthcare transparency in Greater Columbus!

This website was not designed to:

  • Grade healthcare providers -  We believe more can be accomplished with a focus on improvement – everyone can get better.
  • Rank healthcare providers - Healthcare quality is very complex and thus ranking providers from best to worst can be very misleading due to different patient populations served.
  • Evaluate poor quality - We are in the early stages of better understanding quality in healthcare and measures are evolving that will enable better evaluation of quality in the future.

What is Quality in healthcare?

Quality in healthcare is the kind of care you want for you and your family.  It helps you stay well, get better when you are sick, or manage ongoing illness.  It is:

  • Getting care that works and that is safe
  • Being able to talk to your doctor and ask questions
  • Receiving the treatment you need for your individual health conditions
  • Getting the proper medications and understanding why you are taking them
  • Receiving the care you need when you need it most
  • Being engaged and active in your care