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Welcome to Our Healthcare Quality!

Use this interactive graph to find quality performance for regional physician practice sites* for any of the following measures:

  • Cancer: Percentage of patients with appropriate colorectal screening
  • Depression Remission: Percentage of patients with depression who were in remission at 12 months
  • Depression Screening: Percentage of patients screened for depression using the PHQ-9 tool
  • Diabetes: Percentage of diabetic patients with blood sugar in control
  • Diabetes Nephropathy: Percentage of patients with diabetes who were screened for nephropathy
  • Blood Pressure: Percentage of hypertensive patients with blood pressure under control
  • Tobacco: Percentage of patients screened for smoking and counseled for cessation

*Federally Qualified Health Centers (Heart of Ohio Family Health, Lower Lights Christian Health Center, PrimaryOne Health, Southeast) provide healthcare services to citizens and non-citizens who are medically underserved, underinsured, or uninsured.

- Heart of Ohio Family Health:  2 practice sites reported at an organization level

- Lower Lights Christian Health Center:  6 practice sites reported at an organization level

- Southeast Inc:  4 practice sites reported at the organizational level; serves homeless, most with mental health or substance use disorders